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Many people don't know or understand the full options out there, and of course, these options are also changing all the time. 

See below for a full Q&A on Auto Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance


1. Will the Car I buy affect my Premium?

Your premium will be affected by the vehicle that you buy.  Some of the factors that will affect this are Age of Vehicle, Value of Vehicle and possible Safety Standards of the vehicle.

2. I don’t have a loan on my vehicle do I need Full Coverage?

If you don’t have a loan, you may consider liability only, but you should ask yourself if you want to spend a little now to cover the value or a lot later if an accident occurs and you have to come up with the value out of pocket.

3. I am not driving my vehicle for a long period of time can I change my coverage?

IF your vehicle will not be driven for a long period of time you can lower limits to a “Storage Only” mode.  This is done many times with seasonal vehicles that will only be used during certain times of the year.

4. My car is in the shop will my insurance cover a rental?

If you have Rental Reimbursement on your Policy, your rental will be covered, only if your vehicle is being repaired from an accident.  (Rental is not covered for general work on your vehicle). There is a limit on this and you can pick limits when you add it to policy.

5. Do I need to add Loan/Lease Gap to My Insurance Policy?

Loan/Lease Gap is added to a policy when you have a loan on the vehicle.  What this does is pays the remainder on the loan if the vehicle is totaled but is valued at less than what is owed. If you drive a lot we recommend this.

6. Why should I purchase more auto coverage than is required in Ohio?

Having additional coverage could protect you and your assets in the event of a serious accident.  If you do not have adequate coverage, the law allows the victim to take any assets that you may have in order to cover the costs of any damages that occur.

7.  Why did my car insurance rate go up?  I didn’t have any accidents or tickets. 

Sadly, it’s quite possible for your car insurance rate to increase even if you haven’t had a ticket or been involved in an accident.  In short, car insurance rates are determined by “pooling” a large number of people with similar factors or characteristics.  Once these pools are created, a rate is assigned to the group.

8.  When should I reevaluate my coverage?

As needed.  We like to speak with our customers annually.

9.  If someone hits me that is not insured do I have to pay my deductible? Waiver of Coverage?

Yes, but the money is recoverable after subrogation.  This is where our Insurance Company sues the Uninsured Driver for the money they owe.

10.   If I purchase a new car after business hours or on the weekend is it covered?

In most cases, Yes.  But be aware this is only to match the highest coverage on your policy.  It’s best to call us ahead of time. 

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