4 Excellent Places to Eat with the Family Near Crestline

Crestline and the surrounding area is a great place to live for many reasons. The people, the history, the whole vibe of the region. And there’s another good reason why it’s a great place to live: It has some fantastic places to eat!

Here are four of our favorite spots in or near Crestline to eat with the family:

Granny’s Kitchen

The name of this eatery in Galion says it all. It’s warm cozy, family-friendly diner that focuses on home style food. Yes, just like your grandmother used to make!

Their breakfast is the real draw and is always a morning highlight. They serve large portions and big sandwiches, so when you grab breakfast at Granny’s, you’ll be full all day long

 El Tarasco

When the craving for Mexican hits, it hits hard. Thankfully in Galion there is a fantastic Mexican restaurant and bar called El Tarasco to satisfy the craving. Good atmosphere, excellent drinks, and amazing salsa.

If the friendly staff wasn’t enough, they have great food too. Their chimichangas in particular are winners. If you love Mexican, put this on your list!

Hot Wok

If you are craving Chinese, look no further than Hot Wok, one of the best Chinese places in the area. The lunch specials will make your wallet happy and if you like to mix things up, you’re in luck, because the menu variety is great.

If you are adventurous, don’t skip their spicy dishes. They are perfectly balanced. And if you want a good hot & sour soup, this is the only place in Crestline that serves it!

 Main Street Grill

When you just want to unwind with friends and the family, Main Street Grill (formerly Hunger Paynes) is a great choice. Plenty of room, a great atmosphere, very roomy, and the staff is warm and friendly. All around it’s a very inviting atmosphere.

The food here is classic American style food, so expect a good selection of roast beef sandwiches, steak, burgers, and other hearty eating. Basically, it’s comfort food - and that’s perfect for when you just want to unwind.

Know of any other great places to eat in or near Crestline? Let us know in the comments!