5 Charities Near Crestline That Deserve Support

Any time of year is a good time to help others, but the sentiment grows during the holidays. With that in mind, we’d like to spotlight a few charities from the region who deserve your support.

There are far more than we can ever list, so these are just a few of them. Tell us about others in the comments!


All About the Paw Pet Rescue

One difference between us and animals is that animals can’t ask for help when they need it. That’s why local organizations like All About the Paw are so important.

Working out of Mansfield, since 2013 this group has devoted themselves to giving unwanted animals a home. They focus on dogs that usually can’t find a home, i.e. those with behavioral issues, older dogs, black dogs, and so on.

They don’t operate a shelter, which means they rely solely on foster homes – and that means volunteers like YOU are needed to help them! They have already saved hundreds of dogs and have grown into the region’s largest charitable pet rescue. Help them grow some more!

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity are not exclusive to our region, but operating out of nearby Galion, they do great work in the area.

This organization’s mission is easy to sum up but not so easy to accomplish: they refurbish old housing and help provide new housing to people in need. They don’t just give away their services, either.

Those who benefit from their work go through a rigorous application program, ensuring the work of donors truly helps those in need. They are deserving of your support!

Girls With Sole

This unique charity helps get girls who have been abused up and running – literally! Girls With Sole is a Cleveland-based charity devoted to getting abused young women out and active through running programs.

They provide equipment and opportunities that help boost the confidence of these girls, helping them lead better lives free of abuse. A worthy cause!

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs has a very important goal: to match older rescued dogs with loving homes. This charity is frequently among the best rated in the area for good reason.

Their work speaks for itself in the happiness they bring these elderly dogs. When waiting to find a home, the dogs are given shelter, too. They do great work and deserve your support!


Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless

During these cold Ohio winter months, the plight of the homeless gets more dire than ever. That’s why the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless exists: to help advocate on their behalf.

They engage in lobbying and education efforts, plus more, in order to help us find a solution to homelessness instead of just treating the symptoms.

Do you know of a charity in the region that deserves more attention? Please let us know about them in the comments!