5 Beautiful Spots Near Crestline to Get Outdoors this Spring

Now that spring has arrived, we are all pining to get outside and enjoy the fresh, soon-to-be-warm air.

We’re sure you want the same thing. Spring is a great time of get outside again! That’s why we compiled this list of 5 gorgeous places near Crestline to get outside for a spring afternoon:

Seneca Caverns

The Seneca Caverns are located in nearby Bellevue. They technically do not qualify as “outdoors,” since by definition caverns are indoors, but it’s still an amazing place to spend a day when you want some adventure in your life. There are few things quite like exploring caves in a safe and structured environment!

Do know ahead of time, however, you’ll be journeying through cramped spaces. This isn’t a leisure stroll; it might take some effort to get the full experience. If you have physical disabilities or limited mobility, this trek may not be for you.

Gorman Nature Center

Take a quick trip to Manfield and enjoy the nicely shaded nature trails at Gorman Nature Center. They are perfect for a warm spring day. The trails here are well maintained, and the paths are clearly marked so you can be sure you are always on course. It’s one of the most relaxing walks in the area!

Lowe-Volk Park

You can find this park right here in Crestline. The 38-acre Lowe-Volk Park boasts the educational Lowe-Volk Nature Center and its many programs to enjoy. Add to that the beautiful natural lands, a rich history, and a highly varied ecosystem to explore, all of it in a relatively small area, and you have a great spring day. If you’ve never wandered this hidden treasure, you should try it this spring!

Malabar Farm State Park

Take a quick drive to Bromfield and enjoy a relaxing walk through the rolling fields of Ohio. The beautiful property is still a working farm, so there is a lot to see!

The annual Maple Syrup Festival is a true joy, and there is a surprising amount of Hollywood memorabilia on display here, too, making this a great day trip for families.

Mt. Gilead State Park

For first time visitors, it can be shocking how much beauty is jammed into this gorgeous 180-acre park. With great hiking, loads of recreational activities to do (including disc golf), playgrounds for families, and lots more, it’s easy to spend a whole day here.

If you are a hiker, try the timber tie stairs. They are a good challenge. Mt. Gilhead State Park is a great outdoor spot that isn’t a far drive.

We know there are more great places in the area, more than we can probably count, so tell us about your favorites in the Facebook comments!