5 Notable People Who Came From Mansfield

Crestline may be a small Ohio town that not many people have heard of outside the area, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t connected to fame. Take a look at the greater Mansfield area and you’ll find some notable names have come from the area.

To prove our case, here are five people you may not realize are from your area:

Luke Perry

If you grew up in the ‘90s, we don’t need to tell you who Luke Perry is. One of the stars of Beverly Hills 90210, Perry is from Mansfield, and went on to become a big television star in Hollywood as part of one of the most popular shows of the 1990s.

He had that ‘90s hair and those ‘90s sideburns, and all the girls loved him. Local guy did well!


Matthias W. Day

He’s not a well known name anymore, but around the turn of the century this native of the area was an American hero. Day was a recipient of the Medal of Honor thanks to his actions in the American Indian War for ignoring an order to retreat, and instead advancing into enemy lines to carry away some wounded men.

His bravery earned him the highest honor in the land. He died in 1927 and is buried at San Francisco National Cemetery.

Michael L. Gernhardt

Born in Mansfield and now living in Florida, Gernhardt has done something you’ll never do, and he’s done it more than once: he’s gone to outer space. Yes, he’s an astronaut, with some 43 days total in space and over 20 hours doing spacewalks.

That’s pretty amazing. Maybe one day it will be commonplace, but for now, that puts Gernhardt in rare company.

Louis Bromfield

Broomfield is a Pulitzer Prize winning author who helped pioneer groundbreaking new scientific ways to farm, helping better conserve land and resources while also helping feed the world.

He helped develop important soil conservative practices and worked with the government to make those practices widespread. His work helped change the way we live – and it’s from a local guy!


Michael McConnohie

You may not know his name, but you might know his voice. Michael McConnohie is an accomplished voice actor with dozens of credits to his name, including popular characters like Ironhide and Hot Shot from Transformers, characters from Digimon and XenoSaga, and many more.

He’s done loads of video games, cartoons, and more anime than you can name. If you’re into this scene, you know his work!

Know of any other famous people from the Crestline and Mansfield region? Tell us in the comments!