10 Cool Facts About the Mansfield Area You May Not Know

We may be a fairly sleepy little Ohio community here in Mansfield, where nothing too explosive happens and we like it that way, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an interesting place to be.

It’s true! Take a look at these 10 cool facts about Mansfield and the surrounding area. We think you’ll find it interesting:

  • Mansfield was founded on the Mohican River, across which spans the Bridge of Dreams near Brinkhaven, the second longest covered bridge in Ohio.

  • Some people must have a great time here, because the city’s official motto is “The Fun Center of Ohio.”

  • Other nicknames include "Carousel Capital of Ohio," "Danger City," and "Racing Capital of Ohio.”

  • The first home constructed in town was built by Samuel Martin - but he didn’t stay long. He was eventually chased out of the country for selling whiskey to Native Americans, which was illegal at the time.

  • With an elevation of 1,200 feet above sea level, Mansfield is actually one of the highest cities in the state in terms of elevation.

  • Mansfield is named after United States Surveyor Genera Colonel Jared Mansfield, who also directed its planning. But he is NOT the founder of the city. That distinction goes to James Hedges, Joseph Larwell, and Jacob Newman, who founded Mansfield in 1808.

  • In 1913, the Lincoln Highway crossed through Mansfield on its way to becoming the first road to cross American coast to coast.

  • According to FBI statistics, Mansfield is extremely safe. In 2012, for example, there was only one reported homicide for the entire year.

  • The Highway Safety Foundation used to call Mansfield home. You know them from those horrific driving safety films they used to show in school.

  • The Renaissance Theater, once known as the Ohio Theater, first opened all the way back in 1928. This historic location has hosted the Miss Ohio Pageant and countless musical theater productions.

Mansfield may be a quiet little town, but it has more going on then most people realize!

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