5 Fantastic Shops to Find Unique Gifts Near Crestline

The season for giving gifts is here, and you know what means: time to run around trying to find the perfect gift for a friend, colleague, or loved one.

You could just get a gift card, sure, but finding something personal and unique is a lot more fun.

With that in mind we put together this list of five places in the area worth checking out:


Pure Roots (Westerville)

If you want to give gifts with a local touch, look no further than Pure Roots. With an emphasis on hand-crafted gifts made by local artisans, craftspeople, and artists, you’ll find everything from Christmas ornaments to home décor to knickknacks to items for the kitchen and more.

This is a shop devoted to goods made right here in this area, by local artisans and craftspeople, so you can feel good about your purchase!

Antiquation (Medina)

There are shops and there are shops that are truly unique. This one fits firmly in the latter category! Antiquation boasts a wide variety of gifts focused around home décor, kitchen goods, and the home in general.

Many gift shops do the same, but what sets Antiquation apart is that their gifts tend to be made from reclaimed materials. This stuff is handmade from who knows what, then turned into something new and fresh.

There are fun, beautiful, interesting pieces here that you can’t find anywhere else, making this a great choice when you want a truly unique gift.

 Ruby Moon (Wadsworth)

There’s nothing like finding a hidden gem packed with secret treasure, and that’s just what Ruby Moon feels like. That makes it a great place to shop for gifts.

Much of this shop is stocked with handmade goods (sometimes even made by the owner herself) as well as reclaimed items and more. It’s fun just to browse! If you want to find a gift that is interesting and unique, Ruby Moon is a great place to look.

Something Special Shoppe (Westerville)

Boasting a mix of gemstones, jewelry supplies, beads, rocks, and minerals, the Something Special Shoppe is unlike any other gift shop in the area. It’s a breeze to find a unique gift here.

The shop slogan is “treasures from Mother Earth,” and it’s easy to see why. With so many unique gifts to choose from, you’ll enjoy some good holiday shopping here.

The Parsley Pot (Ashland)

Take a lovely old barn. Now fill it with all kinds of unique decorations, hand-crafted goods, kitchen items, interesting gifts, and other great stuff for the house and home.

Congratulations, you’ve just created The Parsley Pot, a wonderful gift shop in Ashland that you should check out this holiday season. With everything from candles to home goods to knickknacks and more, there is a lot of diverse stuff to dig into here!

 These are all fun places worth a visit this holiday season, and we know we’re only just scratching the surface of what’s out there.

Know of a great local gift shop with interesting gifts? Let us know about it in the comments!