5 Weird Road Trips to Take Surrounding Crestline

If you’re like us, you sometimes like to take a peek at the region’s weirder side. And believe us, there is plenty of weirdness to explore in Ohio, especially when autumn arrives.

With that in mind, here are 5 spots that would make a great day trip for anyone who enjoys the weirder side of life:

Big Four Train Depot, Galion

This old train depot is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the region, supposedly stalked by a ghostly man in a trench coat and a demonic entity. A “coffin room” on the second floor is, appropriately enough, the focal point for the haunting.

Supposedly it’s been the site of several tragedies, adding a further creepy factor. It’s just a few miles outside Crestline, so it’s an easy trip to make.


Johnnycake Lock

Head out to Cuyahoga Valley National Park to see Lock 27, better known as Johnnycake Lock. The tale is an interesting one. Back in 1828, just after the opening of the Ohio & Erie Canal, a deluge of rain filled the canal with mud. A boat got stranded inside Lock 27.

The boat and its passengers were stuck for days with nothing to eat but Johnnycakes, a type of flatbread made with cornmeal. Now, legend claims the ghost of a child who drowned there haunts the place. Sounds creepy!

Brownella Cottage and Galion Historical Museum, Galion

The local historical society calls this place home – and so does a ghost! This place would be worth visiting for the museum alone; anyone who enjoys local history would like it here.

However, what’s intriguing around the Halloween season is a disembodied man in black with white hair who supposedly haunts this place. Many museum visitors claim to have seen him over the years. Is he real? Pay them a visit to find out!

Chippewa Lake Park

About 20 miles outside of Cleveland you’ll find the remains of an old amusement park, overgrown and decaying. The amusement park once thrived, but has been abandoned since the 1970s.

Keep in mind, this is private property, so you shouldn’t go wandering around there, but if you ever get the opportunity to visit the site expected to see old coasters, crumbling rides, trees overtaking a Ferris Wheel, and more. It’s a cool spot!


The Haserot Angel, Cleveland Lake View Cemetery

You’ll have to head into Cleveland to see this one. The Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland is a pretty weird place in general, but the oddest thing there has to be The Haserot Angel. After all, its real name is The Angel of Death Victorious. Seriously!

This angel statue looks like it’s crying black tears. Very creepy! The rest of the cemetery is filled with some odd sights, too, making it worth an afternoon walk for people who like to see weird stuff.

Know of any great weird day trips to take near Crestline? Tell us about them in the comments!