Funeral Trust


We specialize in getting you the best Funeral Trusts possible.

Many people don't know or understand the full options out there, and of course, these options are also changing all the time. 

See below for a full Q&A on Funeral Trusts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Trusts


1. What is the benefit of owning  a Funeral Trust?

The benefits of owning a funeral trust.  Protection from Medicaid and Bankruptcy are two of the most powerful reasons to own one.  It is also peace of mind that your final expenses will not be taken out of your estate or that family members will be left with the burden.

2. Am I limited in how I can use my Funds from the Funeral Trust?

Although there are limits to use, funds from a Funeral Trust can be used to pay for cemetery monuments as well as travel expenses for family members to attend your funeral.

3. What are the Advantages to Prefunding a Funeral Trust?

Prefunding benefits are mainly peace of mind related.  This is something that we feel is a way to ease stress on your loved ones at a difficult time.

4. Will a Medicaid Spend down affect my Funeral Trust?

Medicaid Spend Down will not affect a funeral  trust.  The funds are 100% protected as soon as you sign the contract.

5. How does a Funeral Trust differ from a Final Expense Policy?

A funeral trust is not final expense life insurance.  The main differences are:  a. Funeral Trust is 100% protected from Medicaid and B.  Cash value in a life insurance policy is naked to a Medicaid spend down.  When needed we assist families in moving Life Insurance Cash value into a Funeral Trust to fund it.  This is a good move many families are unaware of.

6. With a  funeral trust, can the money be used only for my funeral/burying expenses?

There are many things funeral trust funds can be used for but all are related to burial.  You can select a funeral home anywhere in the US.

7.  Is my funeral trust Irrevocable? 

Yes, A Funeral Trust is Irrevocable.  Once the Funds are in it they can only come out for paying the funeral home.

8. Am I taxed on the Benefit Distributions?

There are no taxes

9. With a Funeral Trusts, what are those Assets Protected From?

(See answers for 4 & 5)

10. Will my Funeral Trust Decrease in Value?

It will not decrease.  Interest rate will vary depending on age and current rate offerings.  Once you purchase it the rate will be locked for the future

11. What is the benefit to a Funeral Trust over a prepaid Funeral with Funeral Home?

Funeral Homes can go out of business. Funeral Trust is the foundation of a prepaid funeral but we use A rated carrier. Money never at risk. We place money with A rated Insurance Company and is protected from bankruptcy

12. Is my Funeral Trust Protected from Medicaid?

Yes and Personal Bankruptcies as well

13. I already have life insurance. Isn’t this the same thing?

No They are different. Life Insurance is a Savings account. A Funeral Trust is protected in a legal document.

14. Is my cash value LI at risk?

We monitor your Medicaid Spend Down. 1035 Exchange and transfer money into Funeral Trust to protect up to 15000 for customer and 1035 to spouse or other family members. Life Insurance is not protected from a Medicaid Spend Down where as Funeral Trust is Protected from Medicaid Spend Down.

15. I have a Life Insurance Policy and just cannot afford to do a Funeral Trust as well.

Let us monitor and see where you are with Medicaid. We recommend that you keep your LI Policy as long as possible. When the time is right, we will help you move your LI Policy over to a Funeral Trust

16. Can the money be used for anything other than a Funeral after the funeral is all paid for?

No but money will be distributed will go to your estate.

17. We have money already set aside to take care of our funeral?

Where is it? Is it protected? We can make sure the money is put into a trust where it is protected.