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We specialize in getting you the best home insurance coverage possible.

Many people don't know or understand the full options out there, and of course, these options are also changing all the time. 

See below for a full Q&A on Homeowners Insurance, but first, here's an example of how we handled one recent case. 

With tornadoes taking out a wide swath of central Crawford County just north of Crestline last October, it pretty much goes without saying that the team at Parr Insurance had their hands full with claims, anxious customers, and claims adjusters.

Here is a letter we received from a client following those tough days, used here with permission:  

Eric Parr,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Sheila for your help in getting our water damage claim settled. I had no intent to call you in the beginning knowing that this would all be handled by the insurance company's claims department.

However, it became evident very quickly that the adjuster had no intention of settling this claim. I made the call to you and asked for help and in three or four days the adjuster's supervisor called me and we were able to complete settlement on the phone. 

I am certain, that without your help, our claim would not have been settled in the timely manner that it did get done. Thanks again to you and to Shiela for your help. I appreciate your stopping by recently to discuss the situation and make sure we are satisfied with the outcome. 

Thank You!

Dick and Deb Algire

Frequently Asked Questions About Homeowner's Insurance


1. Why did my HO Premium go up?

Sadly, it is quite possible for your home insurance premium to increase even if you haven’t had any claims.  In short, premiums are determined by “pooling” a large number of people with similar factors or characteristics.  Once these pools are created, a rate is assigned to the group.

2. If someone moves in with me, are their belongings covered under my HO Policy?

Generally they are not covered, but this is something you should talk over with your agent to make sure.  Different carriers may have different coverages.

3. Why is my house covered for so much? I could never get that much if I sold it. 

This is because they are determining what the cost would be to REPLACE your home at current values.

4. If my tree falls on my neighbors’ property, does my homeowners insurance cover their damage/cleanup?

It could.  This happens often and its best to call us as coverage varies from situation to situation.

5. Will my jewelry be covered under my HO Insurance?

You will need a jewelry endorsement on your Policy.

6. What is an endorsement?

It is an Addition or Exclusion

7. What is personal Property insurance on my Policy?

In short, your “stuff”.  Clothes, Appliances, Etc.

8. How much Homeowners Insurance should I have?

This is a tough question and one that you need to sit down with your Agent and talk about.  There are so many factors that are considered to determine what is adequate. 

9. What is an Umbrella Policy?

An Umbrella Policy can be added to Not only a Homeowners Policy but also to many other Policy’s such as Auto, Rental, Etc.  An Umbrella Policy provides an extra layer of liability coverage to underlying insurance policies.

10. What is Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s Insurance is for someone who is RENTING the property they are living in.  Renter’s Insurance covers personal property and personal liability along with other important coverages.  It is like a Homeowners Policy except coverage on the actual dwelling (structure) has been removed.

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