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We specialize in getting you the best Medicare coverage possible.

Many people don't know or understand the full options out there, and of course, these options are also changing all the time. 

See below for a full Q&A on Medicare, but first, here's an example of how we handled one recent case. 

First, a small overview.

Most military veterans go with Medicare at 65 because they feel they’re getting the best value. No Part B Premium. It's great for average and above average health. No real out of pocket and get reimbursed for travel. Emergency care is covered at local hospital. Once Emergency is over it can be very inconvenient to travel to Veteran Facility. 

Here is where the flexibility of VA becomes very valuable. Vets can sign up for Medicare Part B anytime and the VA Drug Plan is credible coverage and you will not be penalized. 

But let’s say your health is NOT good. That changes things quite a bit. Here is a great example of how we were able to help one of our customers with such a situation.

An 82-year old veteran had a Medicare Supplement Plan. After reviewing his plan with him we determined that a Medicare Advantage Plan coordinated more efficiently with his VA Benefits. 

He saw that he was paying $271.00 a month for his Medicare Supplement in addition to $134.00 for Part B. 

We found that he was actually eligible for Medicare Advantage Plan at a $0 Premium*.  So in switching to this he had a savings of $3,252.00 a year. 

*Some Counties have a $0 Premium Medicare Advantage Plan.  This man lived in one of those Counties, so we were able to move him to a plan so he could take advantage of an amazing yearly savings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare 


How much do plans cost?

Premiums do vary, some plans can be as low as $0.00

Will my Prescriptions be covered?

We will look up all of your prescriptions and find the plan with the lowest RX Coverage that fits best for you.

Will my Healthcare Provider be in my plan?

We check to confirm that they are in the plan you choose and if not we can help locate a Healthcare Provider in your plan or look for a plan that already includes your favorite provider.

Do I get other benefits with my Plans?

All of the plans include ancillary benefits such silver sneakers and other valuable benefits. 

What if I am getting financial assistance?

Our specialist can tell you if you qualify for further programs and let you know how to apply.

Who do I call if I have a problem?

We are always here to help but encourage and will educate you on calling the companies direct for 24-hour service.  Most questions are best handled by the professionals at the carrier. 

Do I ever need to change plans?

We recommend annual reviews.  The formularies change, the rules change, and the service providers change every year.   This does not mean you will change your plan but it ensures you know why you did or didn’t. 

When can I enroll? When is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is from October 15th – December 7th.  Initial Enrollment is 3 months before your 65th Birthday to 3 months after your 65th Birthday.  There are certain circumstances that occur that will qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period.  Come in and talk to us and we can see if you qualify.

What if I like my plan but just want to change my Drug Plan?  Can I do that?

Yes.  We would still recommend a review of the entire package but if it is a drug plan that best suits your needs we can assist.

What if I move out of the area? Or What if we travel for the winter?

If relocating you would be able to enroll in a new plan.  For those who travel extensively or for long periods of time we can find the right plan for you. 

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